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Contact Us

Principal Investigator:
Michael R. Vanner
Blackett Laboratory,
Imperial College London
South Kensington, SW7 2BW, UK

Email: m.vanner@imperial.ac.uk
Office: Huxley Building, 6m04

South Kensington campus information (maps, etc)

Twitter X: @QMeasLab

Join Us

Are you interested in exploring the fundamentals of physics or developing quantum-physics-enhanced technologies? Want to work at the forefront of research in a vibrant international team? We offer a range of opportunities for undergraduates, masters students, PhD students, and postdocs. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss joining our team.

Postdoctoral research: Our team supports postdoc positions via project-specific funding and via externally funded fellowships. Current project funding includes:

  • No advertised positions right now - please reach out to Michael if you're interested in postdoctoral research with our team.

And, excellent opportunities for postdoctoral fellowships include:

Additionally, there are many county-specific fellowships opportunities to pursue research in the UK including:

Please get in touch well ahead of the deadline to discuss an application and so we can prepare for Imperial's internal selection process.

PhD Research: General information on postgraduate study at Imperial can be found here. PhD positions can start at any time but usually start in October. There are many different scholarship opportunities available, which can be found using this search tool. Notable scholarship programmes include:

We welcome applications from prospective students from all over the world. Some country-specific scholarship opportunities include: