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5 Jun 2020: Georg Enzian completes his PhD! Left photo: Georg analytically computing a correlation function to model his experimental results. Right photo: Online celebration after Georg's VIVA. Many congratulations Georg!

17 Sep 2019: Our lab is awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship! To help with public outreach and engagement, we commissioned Tim Rawlinson (left) from London Glassblowing to produce an artistic model of an optical microresonator that will be used in the project (centre). Michael describes the science of the project to UKRI FLF Director Kirsty Grainger (right).

21 Jun 2019: Andreas recieves the best student talk award at the AMOLF Nanophotonics Summer School for his presentation on "Coherent suppression of intrinsic optical backscattering in microresonators".

16 Apr 2019: Michael recieves the National Measurement Institute (NMI) Prize. Left photo: Director of the NMI—Dr Bruce Warrington—handing out the award. Right photo: Panel discussion from left: Dr Bruce Warrington, Dr Michael Vanner, and director of the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems—Prof. Andrew White.

26 Nov 2018: Magdalena Szczykulska completes her PhD! Right photo, from left: John Price, Georg Enzian, Dr Magdalena Szczykulska, Lars Freisem, Heng Shen, and Michael Vanner. Our warmest congratulations Magda!

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